The future of business cards, available today.

Business Cards have always been the same. Not anymore.

We have re-invented business cards.

When was the last time that somebody gave you a business card or sent you one via WhatsApp and you found it just when you wanted it? Rarely it happens. And, it’s not human error.

In these times, we always have too much in our hands, and it becomes hard for us to get hold of everything. Our phones are flooded with WhatsApp forwards, and lives, with huge workload. You’re free to disagree, but we are all in the same boat.

So, it’s important now more than ever that we Find and be Found, easily.


Defined sections that makes browsing comfortable, and makes them easy to know about what you do

Products or Services List

List the types of Products or Services that you offer

Brand Theme

Theme based on your Logo colors, which makes it look more Personal


Minimalistically designed to help people understand clearly, gives a sharp image to your Brand

Web App

A web-app accessible via your unique link which opens up in every browser and acts just like an installed application

Your Own Domain

Your business deserves it’s own unique domain name. Not only having your own domain name is more professional, but it also makes it easy for people to recall your brand


We proof-read everything you send to us. So, if we see there are any grammatical or spelling mistakes in your about us section, we will correct it.

Navigation Bar

Fixed buttons that enables people to Call you, send you a WhatsApp message, Navigate to your location or Mail you a Product Enquiry, with just a click